Collec-Science documentation #

Here you will find all the documentation for the Collec-Science software.

It has been compiled from Markdown files, and uses the hugo engine with the hugo-book theme for rendering. The first pages are copies of the documentation present in the application, some links are inoperative and some formatting commands have not been removed.

If you would like to contribute to this documentation :

The documents should be placed in the content/en/ or content/en/ folder. The entries in the left-hand menu should be declared in the content/fr/menu/ file (or en for the English version).

To test the site locally #

Consult the hugo documentation to find out how to configure your environment correctly.

For local operation, you need to check that the hugo.toml file contains the following line:

theme = 'hugo-book

The line with github in the path is used for publication in Github.

To start the hugo server, in the folder containing the code, run the following command:

hugo server -minify